How and Where To Buy Gold – Three Ways You Can Easily Invest In Gold!

Gold, a beautiful mineral. It is pleasant to look at. It also has emotional effects on us. in Latin, it is known as Aurum, which has a similar root to words like “aura” and “aurora” which needless to say, has pleasant connotations, and relates to the emanation of energy.

Even being around the stuff makes us feel good!

We desire gold like most men desire beautiful women with lustrous faces, eyes, and skin. But as such, it is seemingly rare and elusive. To most, it is hard to come by.

But what if I were to tell you that it DOES NOT have to be hard to find!?


How To Get Your Hands On It – You Don’t Have To Be A Gold Miner!

Gold is easy to obtain. You don’t have to be a gold miner or prospector from the Wild Western days to get your hands on the beautiful and lustrous metal.

You can easily find gold in different places. Invest gold can be done at a local dealer!

And that is if you prefer the old ways of doing things and like the idea of working with a local deal in-person.

If you prefer the newer ways of doing things, and you are able to read this…you are sitting at the most opportune place, or you are holding the most valuable piece of equipment that will enable you to get your hands on some beautiful aurum!

Yes, I am talking about your computer, smartphone, or tablet. If you are using one of those handy pieces of equipment, your search for gold will be much easier!

Then there is a third way. If you are tech savvy, as well as market savvy, you can even buy gold on the commodities market, through a trading platform.

I personally don’t do trading (although it is something I would consider down the road), but I will cover the basics of buying gold on a trading platform.

1. Buying From Local Dealer – Bricks and Mortar of Gold

One place you can buy gold is from a local dealer.

As I have alluded to earlier, there are many other ways you can buy gold. However, this is for people who just people the old-fashioned way of doing things.

In buying your gold from a brick and mortar dealer, you can build up relationship with your dealer in person!

The more close and personal aspect of this can help you secure confidence for yourself and trust in your dealer. Some people just prefer a more traditional and personal approach to this.

The dealer may also have a store where you can browse the merchandise. That way you can see what is available, and you can see what you are investing in.

When you sit down with the dealer for the negotiation and buying process, you develop a relationship and basically make a friend. Trust is built on the part of both you and the dealer.

A local dealer may also have an account and storage for the gold you buy, so you do not have take it home with you, and have to put it in a secured location.

However, the brick and mortar route is not the only way…just one of the ways!

2. Buying From A Dealer Online – Buying Gold Right At Your Finger Tips

Some people, like myself, are a little more tech-savvy and prefer to do things on a computer, or on a phone!

This is where online dealers come into play.

Online dealers, like traditional brick and mortar vendors, will have a web display of what is available. They will also have descriptions of the gold product, detailing its value, how much it costs, what kind of gold (yes, gold is graded and sorted into many types), and even the history and other such details of it.

With a web vendor, you are not getting too much of a different experience. It is just electronic, and the gold is brokered among a larger distance, at the click of the button (although there may be a process in-between the point of purchase and the final consumption of it.

Web vendors may also have an account and storage system for your gold..so again, you do not deal with home storage of your gold.

Like traditional vendors, online vendors care much about the integrity of their business and relations with the customer. Security and customer service are of the utmost concern to them.

Visiting the website of an online broker, and buying from them with the click of the button is one of the ways you can buy gold.

3. Buying On The Market – Buying Gold Like A BOSS!

There is one more way, and it’s quite different from the first two methods. Personally, I have not really thought about doing it this way, but I figured it worthy to mention.

You can buy gold on the commodities or FOREX market!

This is a method for people who are not afraid of markets and their charts. I.E. it is not for everyone.

This way is for people who are savvy with trading, and love to do things on trading platforms.

On the commodities and FOREX market, you can buy gold (and you can sell or short gold almost as easily). On the FOREX market, this can be done against currencies, like the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, Japanese Yen, etc.

But like I said, this is not for the faint of heart, nor for those who do not have much exposure to market graphs and charts…

This is one of the ways you can buy gold if you are the type of person who likes to engage with the markets and buy (or sell) using a trading platform.

Nothing Is Out Of Reach!

Buying gold does not have to be a long, life-risking, or a painstaking process. We are not pirates and prospectors of olde. We (or at least most of us) live in a society.

It can and should be easy if you have the money to invest for it!

We can buy gold commercially. Those ways we can buy gold is up to you! You can do what you feel comfortable with, whether it is at a physical dealer, and online dealer, or on the Markets with a trading platform.

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