How To Buy Gold Online – Gold At Your Fingertips!

Earlier, I went into a summary of how gold can be purchased online. This time, I am going to go more into detail about it. Here, I will get into detail of how to buy gold online, which can be done at your finger tips!

Buying gold to many people is a big financial decision. It involves exchanging liquid fiat money for hard money that is not used in most modern business transactions. For people who are not in very knowledgeable of buying precious metals, it can seem like an intimidating process.

The good news is, it can be done pretty casually online! There are many gold brokers on the internet that you can invest in gold with numerous online dealers. Online-Gold-Shopping


Securing Your Financial Future – With The Click Of A Button!

Before the internet became accessible to the general population, the exchange of fiat money, such as U.S. dollars, was usually done at a brick and mortar dealer. Normally, you went into a shop or an office. You would build a relationship with the dealer or broker. Then you would fill out some paperwork and be informed of laws and regulations.

There are a lot of people who like the old ways. Some people like building old-fashioned person-to-person relationships with a dealer. That is understandable too, most people want to do business with their hard-earned wealth with people they can trust and even consider a friend rather than a total stranger. Some people might even like the longer processes which is seen as safeguards, therefore a maintenance of trust. Some people just like being in a physical location where they can see the physical product.

However, some people are different. Some, like me, would rather have faster business, faster transactions and not have to drive to a shop or office to get their investments done. Some like a more remote process. Hence, why here, I am going to go into detail on how gold can be invested on the internet.

Why I like exchanging money for gold on the internet?

  1. It’s faster – Transactions can be made very easily at the click of a button (or tap of the screen).
  2. No driving around – It is a process that can be done from the convenience of my own home. That can be useful if I am stretched for time on a business day, or during inclement weather.
  3. I can freely shop between different dealers and brokers and decide which dealer best suits my needs on search engines like Google.
  4. I can access dealers at long distance instantaneously via the internet.

These are just some reasons why I believe online gold shopping is a very quick and convenient way of doing this.

My Experience – Knowing the Layout Of the Web

There are different websites you can go to buy gold. As I have mentioned earlier, on the internet, you have a lot more options of who you want to buy gold from and what kind of gold products you want to buy.

There are no two-like products, and there are no two-like dealers. With the internet and your computer or phone, you can choose for yourself which dealer you trust, and which dealer and product best suits your need.

All the factors of physical shopping I have listed earlier still apply to online shopping. You will still have a person to talk to and build relationships with. Online businesses, despite their appearance behind a screen, is still a business run by people. The people who run the online business will be there to help you and even advise you on purchasing and investing decisions.

The process is also shortened. To most people, it is easier to buy gold from a website. To do so, you can select your products, add them to a digital shopping card. Once you are ready to buy, you can proceed with purchasing your products.

Bear in mind, however, that some online brokers will have a minimum order amount, so if you want to buy from them, you will need to be willing to spend big, make big ticket purchases. Be sure to refer to your favorite broker’s rules on this.

Using Spot Gold Prices For Your e-Shopping

Pricing is an important factor in buying precious metals online. When you are buying gold online, you can review the spot gold prices during your shopping to have pricing information before your purchases.

Gold changes with each minute. That is why it is important to know how much you are buying the gold, and when you are buying.

Pricing information is particularly important if you want to become an active investor. As an investor, it is obviously good to buy gold when it is low, and then sell it when it is high and you wish making your buying (or selling) decisions based on technical analysis. That can be done by looking at spot prices and reading and interpreting charts.

For this information, you can refer to the three websites I have talked about in an earlier article about daily spot prices.

Secure Shopping – Safeguard Your Wealth!

One of the biggest issues of online shopping is security, especially where large purchases and highly valuable assets are concerned. ANY online transactions, not just for gold, silver, and other investments and wealth protection vehicles, but also consumer products, should be held strictly confidential and away from unwanted prying eyes.

In the brick and mortar setting, transactions are kept confidential, since sensitive information is physically handled by the broker and stored in a secure place. Some people are skeptical about buying online because there is a perception that there is a lack of security.

And I don’t blame them. There are many unscrupulous people who use the internet to rob people of their hard-earned money, whether it be from scams, phishing, or infecting computers with spyware. These crimes hurt both consumers and merchants alike. Money is lost and stolen, trust is broken, and losing money makes people very emotional…


I’ve been scammed before… I know how it’s like. It SUCKS! But that has not deterred me from shopping online. E-commerce is very useful and convenient, and will only become even more so in the future.

With that in mind, I am going to make a list to make sure you experience is safe, secure, and fulfilling.


  1. NEVER, EVER buy from a person you do not trust. For example, that stranger you just met on Facebook yesterday. Probably some guy from a country you never even heard of, with pictures of “himself” (that looked doctored), who’s suddenly PM’ing you with suspiciously sentimental compliments about how you’re such a “wonderful person.” Block his sorry ass and move on…
  2. Only buy from trusted and established websites. Some websites are like bucket shops. Avoid those! Some websites are well-established, with top Google rankings, have been in business for a long a time, and have a lot of information on their website. Go to those! For extra confidence, go ahead and contact people from that website and build a relationship with them!
  3. Have some good anti-virus and internet security installed on your computer. This is important and I cannot stress this enough. Although the internet is not quite the “Wild West” as it was in the ’90s and early Y2K, there are still some risks involved with making online transactions with authentic businesses. With that in mind, you should have some internet security software installed on your computer. Some programs have applications that can add even more security when you are making purchases or paying off bills online.

And these are just some tips on making your online shopping and investment experiences even more enjoyable and safe. I have some cringe stories about scammers that I will share on another day. They are embarrassing, but funny at the same time, but for now, I want to make sure that you know that gold can be bought online.

Online Shopping Is Easy! – Less Driving, Less Waiting!

Doing your investing and shopping online does not have to be a grueling or scary process as long as you exercise some common sense. Make sure you go to websites of established and authentic businesses, and avoid anything that seems too good to be true.

As you have with traditional businesses, there is still the element of relationship building with the e-broker. A reliable broker should have a rich among of information available to consumers on their website.

Be sure you follow the steps outlined here, and you should be able to shop for hard assets with confidence, and even conduct your day-to-day business on the internet and secure your golden future with ease!

2 thoughts on “How To Buy Gold Online – Gold At Your Fingertips!

  1. I have never thought about buying Gold online before but I do have an uncle who is interested in these types of purchases who could really benefit from your post… You are absolutely right that so many things are moving towards and are available to be purchased online nowadays and the convenience is incomparable. I rarely do shopping for recurring essentials in stores anymore because Amazon has taken its place for all of my needs.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing some great tips and advice. I find buying online really easy and quick, but as you said in your article, you need to be aware that not everyone you deal with is honest and trustworthy.
    I always make a habit of buying from trusted, well established sites so they are as secure as possible.

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